Can you see me ?

Can you see me ?
Can you see this not a game.
That all my flaws is what took you 
and know I still think of you everyday
I hope that there is still days when you
remember more then just the pain
Is there anyway my love 
Can fill the hole of this crazy pain
For even thought I didn’t shown it
your the one my heart sings for
maybe you dont believe it was ever real
but now long after I pray you still feel something
because even after all, my mind desires no else but you
Can we love each other honest, loyal?
All I know that going to try and fix this
because I will never forget you
or the magic we felt

Who am I ?

Who is this person that I see?
for I see a stranger staring back at me
Where is the person I once knew?
Where is the person I want to be?
I used to stand, tall and proud of this women
and had a path that looked so real and strong
but whom have I really become ?
I used to wonder around the global and
here I learnt and understood myself
but now things have change
I now am just passing through the days
never have I wanted to be a person
that settles for this
That is not truly happy when gaze upon their world
everything used to different,
but I am the one that made my life this way
Will i ever learn and find myself again
because Im over stumbling and stumbling
doing wrong
within me there is a amazing person
loving, loyal and truthful
I hope to find this once again
because what is life if we aren’t happy with ourselves
or respectful and kind to others

High and Low

I have traveled high and low
I have seen millions of faces
past by me and fade into nothing
I have see many things
people will never know
and things that words cant explain
I have gazed upon the worlds wonders
and see beauty like no other
And then I have seen you
You opened yourself to me
your whole being
I have never seen so much inside
anything or someone before
Your the only thing I want to see now
The only thing I want to gaze upon
Because you stand out
you stand out from it all

El Sol

In a magical place we started a journey
one that bonded us strong and saw us
taking a path, that we never thought possible
if you were tell someone of our story
most couldn’t grasp it
for not people in life get to do what we have done
and now we have gone our separate ways
happy in life we are, doing things differently
but when I close eyes at night
I dream and remember everything we had
and what we could have being
I wasn’t strong enough, to be apart for you
miss independent, become dependent on person
that flied away, to do things that need to be done
and even though, are paths will never cross again
I still remember every detail and the smile you brought to my face
there always be a place for you in my heart,
even though I ruined something magical

The Melody of Life

There are so many melodies in this world
Some are quick and fast
played once and easily forgotten
others are played with deep passion
never to be forgot
everyone plays them young and old
without knowledge
Some people encounter the melody of love
and it can played in a number of ways
some happen in a blink of an eye
and there are some lucky people
that melodies go together
forming a bond that can never be broken
But the best melody one can have
is that of their own strong, fearless and unique
For there is no better thing in life
then to know your melody
Its the most important of them all
and the rhythm can be changed
whenever you like, just look inside yourself
and adjust the notes
No matter where life takes you
you always have your own melody
and its something no one can
ever take from you

The Unexpected

Never did I use to plan
my days or where I would wander
I would just take the road as it came
From the ends of the earth I walked
from the searing deserts
to the peaks of the top of the world
to deepest depths of the ocean when not many men go
I always left in oar
but then life hit me and the unexpected rolled in
the desires of others and wishes that also changed mine
set me on a path that looked stable and solid
then all I knew was gone and the unexpected rolled in
and now Im here, no plans where to go
And oh I love the unexpected,
the unexpected that has set me free
and brought me back to a place I never thought I would stay
my home, my amazing country
and Im happy to say now more then ever
Im proud to me and to have fallen in love
with a place that I always knew
but always forget when other wonders
stop me for seeing
Just how lucky I am to call this amazing country
Australia my home

The Mind!

Never did I think, that the person I knew best
could loose themselves to a wondering
wondering mind
for this mind had always wondered
about many things in the world
many question were always asked
but this mind could constantly make decisions
and at the end of a long day
most times there was clarity and understanding
of the events that occurred
but this mind become lost
and had to experience utter despair
in order to move and be complete once more
This is process is just beginning,
however in the the mind
a new perspective will be made
and grow like never then before

There is a place!

There is a place, where only some can roam
for they have fallen harder then the rest
There is place, where only some can roam
for they have taken life into their own hands and made it fail
There is a place, where only some can roam
there is no fruits, light or giving
There is a place, where only some can roam
where they break for all the have ever known
There is place, where only some can roam
where they all that can can depend on is themselves
There is a place, where only some can roam
and then begin to rise from the ashes
There is a place, where only some can roam
for they have seen it all, they have failed
There is this special place, where only some can roam
now they see the world differently and will rise again
and become greater then before and much wiser as they step forward.

My one and only !

A poem for you!

You are the one and only for me
For you make my heart sing,

you bring light to my life
The taste of your lips, so soft so tender
I long for them all the time
So delicious, the best I have ever known
When i see you smile,
I smile to because my heart is filled with happiness
so many memories, that makes my soul go wild
Your amazing being, Im so lucky and blissful
I can call you mine, please know
no matter where we go in life,
no matter what happens
nothing can rock us
for our love and all we have being through
gives the strongest foundation to conquer
whatever we need and whatever we could want
I am yours now and always
and I cant wait to see you what life brings to us
for i know its going to magical,
everyday you give you light
even if you dont know it
even if i dont say it all the time
I belong to you, my life, my soul, my man
your are and always will be the love of my life